Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cameron Visit a Propaganda Stunt

éirígí general secretary Breandán MacCionnaith has said that today’s visit by David Cameron to the Six Counties amounts to nothing more than a propaganda stunt for his government’s anti-social agenda.

The Tory prime minister will today [Thursday] address MLAs in Britain’s Stormont assembly after being welcomed by his first and deputy first ministers.  Writing in a Belfast newspaper, Cameron earlier lauded the success of the normalisation strategy and said that the Six County state was now more stable and secure than
at any time since before the start of the civil rights campaign.

Cameron also argued for more privatisation of services and indicated that the corporation tax in occupied Ireland is a step closer to being slashed.

MacCionnaith said: “David Cameron’s flying visit to his Irish colony is nothing more than a propaganda stunt for his anti-social cuts agenda and the program of pacifying the North.

“That he will address an assembly of pliant local politicians is indicative ofmthe fact that the Stormont administration is completely wedded to the Tory government’s anti-social economic agenda and is willing to act as its Irish enforcer.”

MacCionnaith continued: “The reality is that the Six County state remains an economic and political slum.

“There are more than 100,000 people on dole queues, while wages and living standards lag way behind those in Britain. Meanwhile, republican prisoners are being forced onto a no wash protest and the British secretary of state is happily signing orders to detain innocent people indefinitely.

“Not a single politician will today have the courage or the integrity to challenge David Cameron about any of these injustices.  Instead, they will take part in the charade that everything in this rotten statelet is fine and dandy and act accordingly.

“However, éirígí and many others know that everything in this rotten statelet is far from fine and dandy and we also intend to act accordingly.”

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