Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anti-Racism World Cup 2011

The Anti-Racism World Cup (ARWC) will take place again this year at Donegal Celtic FC in West Belfast from Friday 22 July through to Sunday 24th.  For the last five years teams have travelled from across the world to play against teams from various ethnic minority groups and from local communities in Belfast and across Ireland.

Last years tournament involved over 500 local people and 100 international guests and was a showcase for Anti-Racism against a backdrop of an upsurge of racist attacks in Belfast.
This year the ARWC intend to bring more teams to Belfast, including for the first time a Palestinian youth team, and to make the tournament the largest anti-racist event in Ireland in 2011

The Teams and their supporters take part not just in a weekend of football with local Irish Teams but also participate in political talks, exchanging ideas and talking about their experiences with local groups and individuals, and of course there’s the top class international and local music line-up and the family fun fair.

If your organisation would like to become part of the ARWC come along to the launch or contact or alternatively log on to their website for more details by clicking here

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