Monday, May 31, 2010

Sligo protest against Israeli slaughter on Gaza aid Flotilla

Up to 100 people took part in a demonstration in Sligo organised by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) today (31/5/10). The protest which took place at the GPO in the town centre was held to mark the assault and murder by the Israeli army of up to 20 civilians bringing humanitarian aid to the besieged people of Gaza.

Another demonstration is now to take place at 3PM on this coming Saturday in Sligo once again at the GPO.

One of the organisers of the event, éirígí activist and Sligo IPSC member Gerry Casey said he was heartened by the turn-out at such short notice and called for strong measures to now be taken against the Israeli regime.

He said: “The Israeli embassy in Dublin must be shut down immediately and the Ambassador and his staff expelled from Ireland. The European Union must as a priority have Israel expelled from the OECD and tear up the shameful trade agreement they currently have with Israel.”

He added: “The actions of Israel on Monday morning was an act of international piracy and state terrorism. They must be brought to justice for their war crimes, against the people of Gaza and against those civilians whom they murdered in cold blood. Anything less will be an insult to the Palestinian people and the people murdered by Israel on Monday morning.”

“There must also be a comlete boycott of the Israeli state and its goods. I would urge the public to refuse to buy such goods and complain to stores that supply them. Apartheid Israel must be boycotted until it is brought to its knees in the same manner that apartheid era South Africa was. In this way we can all help the Palestinian people in their struggle for justice and freedom.”

He concluded: “I also want to urge the stores that currently stock Israeli goods to cease immediately. It is unacceptable to be making profits on produce that goes to fund terrorist operations such as that carried out by Israel today. They must look at their conscience and beyond their profits and cease helping to fund Israel's rogue terrorist regime.”

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