Thursday, May 12, 2011

Resist the 'Royal Visit' - Join the 'Irish Freedom Camp' Protest

éirígí activists from counties Sligo, Donegal and Fermanagh will be among those taking part in planned protests against next weeks visit to the 26-counties by the British head of State Elizabeth Windsor.

Urging socialists, republicans and democrats from throughout Ireland to join the protests, éirígí Sligeach activist Gerry Casey said that with sufficient numbers on the streets the itinerary of the so-called British queen can be disrupted including the planned visit to the Garden of Remembrance.

Casey said:  “Next Tuesday (May 17th) Windsor will begin her time in Dublin with a visit to the garden which is dedicated to the memory of all those who died fighting British rule in Ireland.  In order to prevent her from reaching the Garden éirígí will establish an 'Irish Freedom Camp' at the Garden of Remembrance this Sunday (May 15th) at 3pm.”

“Party activists from throughout the north west will be among those who will remain in place until the planned arrival of Windsor two days later.  If the numbers taking part are sufficiently high, we can prevent her and her entourage from reaching the gardens and sullying the memory of those who died fighting her troops.  With this in mind, I would urge everyone from right across Ireland who considers themselves a socialist, republican or democrat to join us at the Irish Freedom camp and other protests during this visit.”

He added:  “The following day (Wed May 18th) the Fine Gael/Labour coalition will host a lavish banquet in Dublin Castle to honour Windsor.  Hundreds of Ireland's wealthy political and business elite  will dine on the best of food and wine as working class communities continue to struggle to keep a roof over their heads and food on their tables.  Even more sickening is the fact that it is all of us, the tax-payer, that will pay for this display of over indulgence and greed, with this banquet and the entire visit believed to be costing in the region of €20 million.”

“A protest march to oppose this 'royal banquet' will assemble at the site of Robert Emmett's execution at St Catherine's Church, Thomas Street at 5pm on Wednesday May 18th  before proceeding to Dublin Castle.  Many of those who will gorge themselves at this banquet are the very same people that have handed over one part of our country to Britain and the rest of it to the banks, the IMF and the EU.  While people continue to lose their jobs and homes, while our younger generations emigrate in search of work and hope, the ruling class continues to live it up and party at our expense.”

Casey concluded:  “Five thousand of Windsor's soldiers, thousands more armed paramilitary police  and hundreds of MI5 personnel continue to occupy and operate in part of our country.  Her troops also continue to occupy and massacre civilians in Afghanistan.  She and her family are parasites who live their lives of luxury and grotesque excess off the labour of the working people whom they consider their 'subjects'.  We should not be welcoming her to our shores.  Let us take to the streets in massive numbers and show the world that Windsor, and everything her family and the monarchy stand for, are not welcome in Ireland.”

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