Monday, May 16, 2011

éirígí announce Alternative Wreath Laying Ceremony & Protest at Windsor Garden of Remembrance Visit

éirígi Dublin City Councillor Louise Minihan has revealed details of éirígi's alternative wreath laying ceremony tomorrow (Tuesday May 17) at the location of the final headquarters of the 1916 rising to coincide with the Windsor ceremony at the Garden of Remembrance.

éirígí Dublin City Cllr Louise Minihan
She was speaking following yesterday's (Sun May 15th) protest at the top of O'Connell Street in Dublin against the upcoming visit.  

Despite a massive security operation and weeks of black propaganda and harassment between 150-200 people took part in yesterdays demonstration.  It was organised with the intention of establishing an Irish Freedom Camp at the Garden of Remembrance in advance of the Windsor visit.  However, hundreds of Gardaí were mobilised to prevent this happening and to deny citizens access to their streets and this memorial which is dedicated to the memory of those who were killed by the British military fighting for Irish freedom.

The events were chaired by Ursula Ní Shionnan.   Amongst those who spoke at the demonstration were éirígí Chairperson Brian Leeson and Fermanagh Independent Republican Councillor Bernice Swift, who is a spokesperson for Fírinne, the campaign group for families of victims of British state murder.  Music was provided by Belfast singer/songwriter Pól Mac Adaim.

Fermanagh Independent Socialist Republican Cllr Bernice Swift

éirígí activists from Counties Sligo, Donegal and Fermanagh were among those taking part in yesterdays protest.

At 1pm tomorrow éirígí will hold a wreath-laying ceremony at No 16 Moore Street in Dublin – the location of the final headquarters of the 1916 rising. Following the wreath-laying ceremony the protest will then move as close to the Garden of Remembrance as possible.

Cllr Minihan said: “No element of this weeks visit by the British head of state has caused as much outrage as her planned visit to the Garden of Remembrance. The monument is dedicated to all of those who have died in the struggle for Irish freedom. In other words, the garden is dedicated to those who have been killed by Britain – the same Britain that continues to occupy the Six Counties and the same Britain of which Windsor is the head of state.”

“What other state in the world would invite the Commander-in-Chief of an occupying army to visit a freedom memorial while that occupation is still ongoing? And to add insult to injury the Windsor wreath-laying ceremony at the Garden of Remembrance is set to take place on May 17th – the thirty-seventh anniversary of the Dublin/Monaghan bombings.”

“The stage is now set for the Commander-in-Chief of those who planted the Dublin and Monaghan car bombs to pass within metres of where one of those bombs killed eleven innocent people. To this day the British state denies all involvement in the Dublin/Monaghan bombings whilst simultaneously blocking all efforts to get to the truth of what happened on May 17th 1974.”

Cllr Minihan concluded by inviting people to participate in éirígí's wreath laying ceremony and protest against the Windsor visit to the Garden of Remembrance.

“Tomorrow at 1pm we will be holding an alternative wreath-laying ceremony at No 16 Moore Street in Dublin which is the location of the final headquarters of the 1916 rising. Following the ceremony the protest will then move as close to the Garden of Remembrance as possible. All are welcome and we urge people to bring whistles, fog-horns, bin lids and drums and anything else that will make a racket! 10,000 Gardaí and soldiers might prevent Windsor from seeing any protests but they can’t prevent her from hearing them.” 

Following yesterdays protest éirígí Sligeach activist Gerry Casey made a special appeal to people in the north-west to make their opposition to this shameful visit known in whatever way possible.  He also urged people, if at all possible, to take part in some or all of the upcoming protests which are taking place in Dublin tomorrow and Wednesday.

Casey said:  "This visit is an attempt to copper-fasten partition and normalise the continued occupation of the six-counties.  But there is nothing 'normal' about the continued denial of freedom and self determination to the Irish people.  There is nothing normal about 5000 British soldiers, 9000 armed paramilitary RUC/PSNI personnel and hundreds of MI5 operatives who continue to occupy part of our island."

"There is also nothing normal about the massive security operation currently taking place at tax payers expense in Dublin.  Many places are in total lockdown with citizens been prevented going about their lawful business and been subjected to  random and illegal stop and searches by Gardai."

"Over recent weeks we have seen a concerted campaign of intimidation by all arms of the state against political activists organising resistance to this visit.  While the 26 county state portrays itself as democratic and one which upholds the right to protest and the right to free assembly, the decision by the Gardai to prevent a legitimate peaceful protest taking place yesterday at the Garden of Remembrance shows once again the true nature of this so-called 'democracy'."

Casey concluded:  "If at all possible, I would urge people from throughout the north-west to make their way to Dublin and join the protests against the visit.  We need to show the world that the sectarian English Monarch and Commander in Chief of the British military is not welcome in our country. 

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