Monday, May 16, 2011

éirígí Announce Protest against Unionist Death Squads at Islandbridge Ceremony

éirígí have organised a demonstration on Wednesday (May 18th) to coincide with the wreath laying ceremony which will take place at the war memorial gardens at Islandbridge as part of the Windsor visit.

The protest, which will assemble at 12 noon at Kilmainham jail has been organised following revelations that five UDA Brigadiers and a couple of dozen of their henchmen have been invited and will attend the ceremony.

Announcing the protest. éirígí Dublin city councillor Louise Minihan said:  “The  decision to invite unionist death squad leaders to this event rubs salt in the wounds of the families of their victims.”

She added:  “Given the nature of the event at Islandbridge,  eirigi had decided originally not to organise any protest at it.  The decision to invite the UDA sectarian murder gangs to this ceremony changes all that.  As a result éirígí have organised a demonstration which will assemble at Kilmainham jail at 12 noon on Wednesday before proceeding to the war memorial gardens.”

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  1. Time to move on guys. Republican `death squads`were responsible for 65% of all deaths in the Troubles. Tullyvalen, Darkley Gospel Hall, Teebane, La Mon Hotel, Omagh, Bloody Friday, Kingsmill etc