Thursday, May 19, 2011

Images from éirígí's Anti-Windsor Protests

Below are some images taken at recent éirígí protests in Dublin against the Windsor visit.  These are just a sample and more will be uploaded in the coming days.  

Also more in-depth coverage of the visit, the protests, the illegality of Gardai actions and media coverage of it all will be dealt with here as soon as possible. 

éirígí activists make their way to Parnell Square Protest

Cllr Louise Minihan & other éirígí activists at Parnell Square Sit-Down Protest

éirígi activists Protest close to Islandbridge at UDA Gangsters Presence

Gardai search Cllr Louise Minihan's car & seize Banner stating 'Fund Communities not Royal Visits

Gardai Protect UDA Gamgsters at Islandbridge

Independent Republican Cllr Davy Hyland addressing Rally at Robert Emmett's Execution spot

Independent Dublin City Cllr Ciaran Perry addresses Rally

éirígí General Secretary Breandan MacCionnaith addresses Rally flanked by Dublin City Cllr Louise Minihan

March makes its way to Dublin Castle

Dublin South West Inner City Close to Dublin Castle

Garda Riot Squad attempt to Intimidate Marchers

Hundreds of Garda Riot Squad Block Protest from Proceeding to Dublin Castle

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