Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sligo Mayor condemned over support for Royal invitation

éirígí have launched a scathing attack on the Fine Gael Mayor of Sligo Cllr Matt Lyons following comments he made to the Sligo Champion newspaper yesterday (Wed Mar 9). His comments were in relation to a campaign by some to invite the British Head of State Elizabeth Windsor to Sligo during her visit to the twenty six counties in May.

Fine Gael Cllr Matt Lyons
According to éirígí Sligo activist Gerry Casey, the Mayor's suggestion that there was no reason why the local authorities should not be supportive of the British 'Queen' being invited to Sligo was “truly appalling”.
Casey said, “Contrary to Cllr Lyons suggestion, there are many good reasons why the local authorities should not be supportive in any way of a British 'Queen' being invited to Sligo.

“Let us remember exactly who this woman is and what she represents. She is Commander-in-Chief of the British army. Five thousand of her troops continue to occupy the Six Counties where they have committed countless atrocities against the nationalist population. Over the past decade they invaded and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan killing thousands in the process. They continue to occupy and commit massacres against the civilian population in Afghanistan. She is an apologist for the war crimes and human rights abuses carried out by her troops."

Casey added: “She is head of a fundamentally undemocratic and sectarian institution who believes that she and her family have a God given right to rule. They are parasites on the working people of Britain.  They are also parasites on the working people of the six counties, Irish Citizens who continue living under British occupation and who endure hardship and poverty as their taxes are used to fund the Windsor's wealthy and extravagant lifestyle.”

Referring to the cost to the Irish tax-payer of this proposed visit and the true purpose of it, Casey continued, “While the Fine Gael/Labour coalition have pledged to maintain the savage welfare cuts imposed by Fianna Fáil, they appear to be more than willing to splash out €15 million on this visit. That is much needed money that could go towards those in need and funding for our hospitals and schools."

“This visit is designed for one purpose – to normalise the occupation of the six counties. But there is nothing normal about 5000 occupying troops, hundreds of MI5 personnel and a 9000 strong paramilitary police force engaged in widespread repression against the nationalist community and those who dare challenge British rule in Ireland."

The coming weeks will see demonstrations in Sligo and nationally in opposition to the now confirmed visit. The first will take place in Dublin outside the British Embassy in Dublin at 2pm this Saturday (March 12). An on-line petition calling on Enda Kenny to abandon plans for this visit has already been launched and people can view it and sign it by clicking on the image below."

Casey concluded: “I would now call on the local councillors, and particularly our newly elected TD's, to publicly declare whether they, like Cllr Lyons, support squandering €15 million on the visit. I am also calling on the officials of Sligo County and Borough Council to reveal whether they have held any discussions with groups or individuals about inviting the English Monarch to Sligo. If they have they must immediately make public the details of those discussions and meetings. The public have a right to know if public officials are planning behind closed doors to welcome a war crimes apologist to Sligo.”

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