Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Online Petition launched Demanding Enda Kenny Abandon planned 'British Queen' Visit

éirígí have launched an on-line petition as part of its campaign against the planned state visit to the 26 counties by the  British Head of State Elizabeth Windsor, which was confirmed over the weekend.

The petition demands that Enda Kenny and his incoming government abandon plans for this visit ,due to take place in May, which were announced over the weekend.

Launching the petition, Cathaoirleach éirígí Brian Leeson said that opposition to the visit is growing daily and that éirígí's campaign of resistance against it will be intensified over the coming weeks.

“The political elite and large sections of the corporate media cannot contain their excitment at the prospect of seeing a 'British Queen' paraded through the streets of Dublin. They conveniently ignore the fact that she is the Commander in Chief of the British army who continues to occupy part of our country and that she is an apologist for war crimes committed by her troops in Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Referring to the petition Brian said:

“Millions of Irish people, both here in Ireland and around the world, are opposed to this visit. Our online petition was launched in order to give such people an opportunity to express their opposition against what is a blatant attempt to 'normalise' and legitimise the ongoing British occupation of the six

“By any definition the continued prescence of 5000 occupying troops, hundreds of MI5 personnel and a 9000 strong paramilitary police force engaged in widespread repression against the nationalist community and those who dare challenge British rule in Ireland is not 'normal'.”

Brian concluded by urging people to be pro-active in their opposition:

“éirígí would encourage people to express their opposition by signing the petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/Saoirse/petition.html and demand that Enda Kenny and his incoming government abandon this planned state visit. We are also urging people to take to the streets and partcipate in protests against this visit, the next of which takes place this coming Saturday March 12 at 2PM outside the British Embassy in Dublin. Together we can ensure that Britain’s attempts to ‘normalise’ its occupation of the Six Counties is stopped in its tracks.”

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