Thursday, September 24, 2009

Labour/FG support for Lisbon show they offer no alternative to FF

Sligo éirígí spokesperson Gerry Casey has claimed that the Lisbon Treaty is designed to serve the interests of the wealthy business and political elite of Europe. He also claimed that Labour and Fine Gael support for the anti-worker neo-liberal policies contained within the Treaty showed that they offered no credible alternative to the current Fianna Fáil led administration.

Casey said: "Despite all the mock outrage from the leadership of Fine Gael and Labour over the current economic crisis, these parties are now siding with Fianna Fáil and singing from the same hymn sheet as them when it comes to the Lisbon Treaty. Central to the Lisbon Treaty is its entrenchment of the very economic policies that led us into the recession and the economic wasteland we are currently in. This neo-liberal, privatisation, greed before need agenda has led to mass unemployment, severe cutbacks in essential public services as well as pay cuts for workers and an erosion of their working conditions. These are the very same policies which Labour and Fine Gael are now telling us to vote for."

He added: "Contrary to what this united front of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Labour have tried to suggest, ratifying Lisbon will not end the recession but will actually intensify the crisis. Business interests will be placed ahead of the rights of workers and we will witness a speeding up of the race to the bottom in terms of workers pay and conditions. This is what Lisbon is really about - serving the interests of the wealthy business and political elite of Europe at the expense of workers, their rights and their living standards."

He concluded: "That Fine Gael and Labour are singing from the same hymn sheet as Fianna Fáil in relation to the Treaty and the failed economic model it promotes shows they are two sides of the same coin despite all their rhetoric. While the country is crying out for an alternative to the Fianna Fáil led administration, Fine Gael and Labour quite clearly do not offer any form of a credible alternative. They only offer yet more of the same failed and discredited right wing policies that created the economic recession in the first place."

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