Thursday, September 24, 2009

éirígí urge Sligo County & Borough Council to support calls for ban on plastic bullets

Sligo éirígí activist Gerry Casey is calling on Sligo County Council and Sligo Borough Council to table and adopt resolutions calling for the immediate and complete banning of the use of Plastic bullets in the six counties.

Casey was speaking following the adoption of such a motion by Dublin City Council at their September monthly meeting. The emergency motion, which was adopted unanimously, was tabled by éirígí activist Cllr Lousie Minihan. The adopted motion will now be circulated to all City and County Council’s throughout the twenty six counties.

Casey said: “This is a human rights issue. The adoption of this motion by the largest Council in Ireland is a very welcome step in the campaign to secure the banning of plastic bullets. Plastic bullets are a barbaric weapon that have no place in a civilised society. These weapons have killed seventeen Irish citizens including nine young children, scarring and maiming countless more. As recently as July and August, the PSNI have fired plastic bullets at civilians in the Ardoyne and Short Strand areas of Belfast. As a result of these attacks, numerous children suffered horrific injuries.”

He added: “This motion will now be circulated to all City and County Council’s. This will give Councillors here in Sligo the opportunity to follow the lead of their colleagues on Dublin City Council. Over the coming weeks, éirígí Sligeach will be contacting all local Councillors to seek their support for this campaign and for the tabling and adopting of a resolution calling for the immediate banning of plastic bullets.”

He concluded: “The decision of Dublin City Councillors to put aside their petty political differences and to unite behind this motion was commendable. I would be hopeful that all councillors here in Sligo will do likewise, will see the outlawing of plastic bullets as the human rights issue that it is, and table and vote for resolutions calling for their immediate banning.”

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