Thursday, January 15, 2009

Support Palestine – Boycott Israeli Goods

The death toll in Gaza continues to rise as the Israel army reigns down rockets and prosecutes a full-blown land invasion of the besieged Palestinian territory.

The condemnation emanating from all over the world has not yet halted the onslaught or forced supposedly powerful international institutions to exert pressure on Israel to desist.

The UN remains impotent in the face of the pro-Israeli agenda of the USA, which refuse to agree to resolutions that may go some way to pressurise the Israeli regime and hasten an end to the attack. The EU remains equally complicit, as it maintains all agreements with Israel and implements no sanctions.

On the streets of Dublin, 10 January 2009

However, pressure is building and the Palestinian people are receiving solidarity and support from millions across the world. In Ireland, protests and actions are occurring on a daily basis to pressurise the Dublin government who remain non-committal in the face of one of the worst humanitarian disasters in decades.

Thousands have protested in both the capital and Belfast. The Israeli embassy in Dublin has also been repeatedly picketed since December 27.

The Raytheon military technology facility in Derry City was occupied on Monday (January 12), culminating in the assault of at least one woman by the PSNI and the arrest of several activists. The maltreatment of protestors attempting to slow the flow of arms from Raytheon to Israel echoes the vitriol of the unionist political leadership, all of whom enthusiastically support the war crimes of the Israeli state.

Thousands gather in Belfast, 10 January 2009

Protests have also taken place in many other Irish cites and towns – a pattern which has been repeated in countries across the globe.

éirígí spokesperson Daithí Mac an Mháistír repeated the call for an all-out boycott of Israeli produce and business, as happened in the 1980s in a successful push against the apartheid regime in South Africa.

“Let everyone in Ireland be clear – no government with any relevance to the conflict will exert pressure on Israel to end this operation unless they are pressurised to do so. The UN, the EU and other international bodies have failed to give even an ounce of the support needed to the besieged Palestinian people. The architects of a very militaristic Zionism have the destruction of the Palestinian nation and people as their object and they will use the weapons of the USA and its allies to do it.

éirígí poster in Sligo

“The USA, Britain, and the government of every European state are all, at a decision making level, supportive of Israeli aggression. They are complicit, and it is the people of those nations that need to challenge their own governments and those complicit in the war crimes we are watching unfold on our TV screens every night.”

Daithí continued: “éirígí is calling on all socialist, republican, and humanitarian organisations in Ireland to mobilise in support of a boycott of the Israeli state and its industries. Those working in stores that stock Israeli goods should refuse to handle or stock those goods.

Rallying in Dublin, 28 December 2008

“A lot of good work has been done by Irish activists since the offensive against Gaza began on December 27. This work must continue until the siege and military bombardment of Gaza are ended.

“On behalf of éirígí, I would like to extend solidarity to the people of Gaza. Their resistance in the face of vicious Israeli aggression is a source of inspiration to people all over the world.”

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