Thursday, January 1, 2009

éirígí seek expulsion of Israeli ambassador over Gaza slaughter

Sligo éirígí acitivist Gerry Casey has called on the Dublin government to expel the Israeli ambassador due to the continued murderous assault on the long suffering people of the Gaza strip which began on December 26 and which has resulted to date in over 400 Palestinians been killed and more than two thousand wounded. He has also called on people to boycott all Israeli goods and make Sligo an 'Israeli goods free-zone'.

Despite Israeli claims that the attacks were solely targeting Hamas, large numbers of those killed have been civilians, including children. Among the targets hit are family homes, mosques, civilian workshops, media agencies, charitable societies, prisoners' welfare groups and the local Islamic University. Gaza's already crisis-stricken medical infrastructure and supplies are now at breaking-point. Among the dead are seven teenage school children, who were struck down at a bus stop by an Israeli jet.

Casey said: "The ongoing massacre of palestinians in Gaza by the Israeli military is totally unacceptable. Every effort must now be made to not just extend solidarity with the people of Gaza but to also take practical measures against the Israeli state and their representatives."

"The expulsion of the Israeli ambassador is the first step that must be taken. It would send an unambiguous message to the Zionist state that their lengthy and inhumane siege of Gaza and their war crimes against the palestinian people are intolerable."

Casey concluded: "Here in Sligo I would also urge people to boycott all Israeli goods and to urge shops in their locality that do stock Israeli goods to cease doing so. We need to make Sligo an 'Israeli goods free-zone'. This is a practical way in which we, at a local level every day, can show solidarity and assist the palestinian people in their ongoing struggle for freedom and justice."

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