Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sligo demo for Gaza - Make Sligo an "Israeli Goods Free Zone"

éirígí activists from County Sligo and Leitrim were among the many people who took part in the demonstration held in Sligo today (Saturday) calling for an end to the siege of Gaza.

Speaking following the demonstration Sligo éirígí acitivist Gerry Casey who took part in the protest said that it was vital that such acts of solidarity are held throughout Ireland to show the palestinian people that we will do all in our power to help them and the cause of palestinian freedom. He also called on the Dublin government to expel the Israeli ambassador and for people to boycott Israeli goods and make Sligo an 'Israeli goods free-zone'.

Casey said: "The continuing massacre of palestinians in Gaza by the Israeli military is totally unacceptable. Over 400 have been killed, many of whom are children, with thousands more seriously injured This act of solidarity today was important in showing the palestinian people that we will do all in our power to help them and their cause. Every effort must now be made to have sanctions imposed against the Israeli state and their representatives."

"The expulsion of the Israeli ambassador by the Dublin Government is the first. It would send an unambiguous message to the Zionist state that their lengthy and inhumane siege of Gaza and their war crimes against the palestinian people are intolerable."

Casey concluded: "Locally, we can engage in practical solidarity measures. I would urge people to boycott all Israeli goods and to urge shops in their locality that do stock Israeli goods to cease doing so. We need to make Sligo an 'Israeli goods free-zone'.

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