Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Castlebar Town Council's Invite to Brit Royal's Condemned

The following letter to the editor from éirígí Sligeach activist Gerry Casey was published in the Connaught Telegraph Newspaper on Tuesday August 11th.  It can be viewed online here

A chara

For the second time in a month, your front page carries a report on Castlebar councillors inviting the English Monarch Elizabeth Windsor to Mayo. Such an invitation is appalling and will be vigorously opposed.

She is Commander in Chief of the British army and head of a sectarian institution, the English Monarchy.  The notion of a birthright to rule and have their wildly extravagant lifestyles paid for by their subjects (i.e workers) may appeal to these councillors, but to most people it is obscene.

As health, education and social welfare budgets are to be slashed even further, people are willing to splash out up to €10 million to afford her a state visit to our country. Another obscenity and example of warped priorities.

Such a visit is a deliberate insult to the families of the victims of the British army here in Ireland, including those killed in the Dublin/Monaghan bombings, and indeed the victims of their continued brutal occupation of Afghanistan.

It is another attempt by Britain and 26 county political establishment to legitimise and 'normalise' partition and the British occupation.  But 5,000 foreign combat troops stationed in our country is not 'normal'.

The bottom line is that, despite the nauseating sycophancy of these politicians, any attempt to bring this apologist for state terrorism to our country will be vigorously opposed and met with protests, whether in Dublin, Castlebar or elsewhere.  Until there is a complete withdrawal by Britain from Ireland there cannot be any 'normalisation' of British-Irish relations.

Is mise

Gerry Casey

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