Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lack of Leitrim child sex abuse services condemned

Revelations that County Leitrim has no dedicated therapeutic service for children who have been sexually abused has been described by local éirígí activist Gerry Casey as an "outrageous scandal" and he has demanded the immediate provision of such services.

He was speaking following the revelation in this weeks Sunday Tribune newspaper which showed that a number of counties, including Leitrim, have no dedicated service, with many other counties only providing partial services for those in need. The information was contained in a confidential Health Service Executive (HSE) audit, obtained by the Sunday Tribune.

Casey said: “The failure of the HSE and the Dublin government to provide a dedicated therapeutic service in County Leitrim, and a number of other counties around the country, for young children who have been sexually abused is an outrageous scandal.”

He added: “These are extremely vulnerable children who are after going through hell. These kids are in need of immediate access to specialist assistance and resources to help them deal and survive the abuse they are after enduring. That the state will not provide the funding and resources to have the necessary dedicated therapeutic service in County Leitrim and elsewhere is unforgiveable and must be immediately rectified.”

“Once again the warped priorities of this administration are exposed. They have no hesitation in pumping tens of billions of Euros into bailing out the banks, yet they impose savage cuts in the health service and they refuse to adequately fund essential services such as these dedicated therapeutic services.”

Casey concluded: “This just confirms once again their contempt and lack of compassion for the most vulnerable sections of society. In this instance it is young children who having suffered betrayal at the hands of their abuser, when they require the necessary specialist assistance, find they are betrayed by the state also, by being denied the level of care they require and deserve.”

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