Saturday, April 24, 2010

Direct Action at Anglo Irish Bank

Six éirígí activists, including Dublin city councillor Louise Minihan, have this morning locked themselves inside the headquarters of Anglo Irish Bank in Dublin.

Inside Anglo Irish

The protest, timed to coincide with the 94th anniversary of the Easter Rising, is part of éirígí’s day of action against NAMA and the pro-wealthy policies of the Dublin government.

éirígí activists and supporters are set to gather outside Anglo Irish Bank at 12pm for a demonstration.

Distributing the NAMA Proclamation

éirígí chairperson Brian Leeson said: “Ireland is in crisis. Half a million people are unemployed while thousands more are emigrating. All the while the Dublin government is trying desperately to save the banks and the business class, while workers suffer.

Set  the People Free

“Drastic action must be taken to oppose these anti-social policies. Today’s action has been taken in this spirit. éirígí is calling on community groups, trade unions and every organisation that represents working people to take similar action to bring this appalling situation to an end.”

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