Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Support for Thomas Cook Workers

éirígí chairperson Brian Leeson has called for the dropping of all charges against the Thomas Cook workers arrested in Dublin this morning [Tuesday].

The workers, who had been occupying their Grafton Street store since last Friday when they were told they were to lose their jobs with immediate effect, are due to appear at Dublin High Court at 2pm today.

Leeson said: "These workers have been treated abominably by Thomas Cook. This is a company that recorded profits of €400 million last year and paid its CEO, Manny Fontenla Novoa, a £5 million bonus on top of an £850,000 basic salary. The closure of its Dublin operation and the axing of 77 jobs is an astonishingly immoral attempt to increase already massive profits."

"By taking the action they did last night, the Gardaí and their political puppet masters are yet again placing themselves on the side of people who are treating working class Irish citizens like dirt."

Leeson continued: "The workers at Thomas Cook are simply requesting adequate redundancy packages for their many years of service in the company. This is not too much to ask, especially when there was no pressing financial reason to axe their livelihoods in the first place."

"éirígí is calling for all charges against these workers to be dropped immediately and for their right to legitimate industrial action to be respected by the state. They deserve no less."

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