Thursday, August 20, 2009

British Warship Challenged in Dublin

Just hours after a British warship docked in Dublin Port yesterday [Wednesday], éirígí activists gathered to give its crew a message – get out of Ireland.

The Mersey British navy ship was docked on the southside of Dublin Port on John Rogerson’s Quay for what was apparently an overnight visit.

The British ship Mersey

Despite receiving only a few hours’ notice of the ship’s presence, over a dozen éirígí activists and a number of supporters participated in the protest, bearing placards and banners reading Britain’s War Machine Out of Ireland, End the Occupation and Britain Out of Ireland.

In another example of the Twenty-Six County government’s slavish attitude towards British imperialism, over 20 Gardaí, including almost a dozen members of Special Branch, were deployed to guard the warship.

Britain Out of Ireland

After the protest, éirígí chairperson Brian Leeson said: “Yesterday’s visit to Dublin by a British warship was the latest instalment in Britain’s attempts to pass off its relationship with Ireland as being ‘normalised’. However, there is nothing normal about the British occupation of the Six Counties or the presence of 5,000 British troops in the North of Ireland.

“Yesterday’s protest successfully made that point.

“Britain’s military presence in Ireland is completely unacceptable and will be opposed by Irish republicans for as long as it continues.”

End the Occupation

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