Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shell to Sea – Greens at Sea!

Stop the Great Oil and Gas Robbery

éirígí activists today, July 18, took part in a Shell to Sea protest outside of the Green Party special conference in Dublin. Those attending the meeting were met with a colourful and noisy reminder of their party’s role in the Corrib gas giveaway.

Shell to Sea banner on LUAS bridge

Up to twenty people took part in the protest, which lasted for three hours, outside the Hilton hotel on Charlemont Place. Green Party members entering the hotel were handed leaflets and encouraged to raise the Corrib gas issue at the conference.

De Búrca challenged on Greens record

As is usual with such Shell to Sea protests, passing pedestrians and motorists were largely sympathetic. Indeed at one point those on a passing barge on the nearby Grand Canal joined in the protest, using a speaker system on board to make their point. Their amplified chants of ‘Shell to Sea’ caused much annoyance to both the Green delegates and the ever-present Gardaí.

Barge joins in protest

Unfortunately it is believed that John Gormley & Co chose to ignore the message contained on one éirígí poster, which called on the Greens to ‘stop talking through your ass and nationalise the Corrib gas’.

éirígí's posters make the point

Speaking at the protest éirígí’s Joanne McDonald said, “Today was a good opportunity for us to highlight the role that the Green Party is playing in the giveaway of Ireland’s natural resources. Their collaboration with Shell stands in direct contradiction to their claims of concern for the global environment. Such hypocrisy needs to be exposed at every opportunity.”

Joanne McDonald keeps up the pressure

For more on éirígí’s ‘We Only Want the Earth Campaign’ please click here.
We Only Want the Earth!

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