Friday, July 24, 2009

MacCionnaith Slams Political Policing

éirígí general secretary Breandán MacCionnaith has slammed yet another example of political policing by the PSNI.

MacCionnaith said: "Journalists have confirmed that a senior member of the PSNI conducted a number of 'off the record' briefings relating to éirígí at Ballymena Courthouse yesterday. These briefings also contained erroneous information relating to a named individual who was appearing before the courts. While the use of misinformation by the PSNI are commonplace that does not make them any less reprehensible."

"Overtly political briefings of this nature are designed to both damage éirígí and undermine the rights of the individual before the courts. The fact that the PSNI are willing to conduct such briefings within the court precincts speaks volumes about the true nature of British policing and justice in Ireland."

MacCionnaith continued: "Yesterday's briefings need to be seen in the context of the primary function of the PSNI - that is to protect the British occupation of the Six Counties. Over recent months the PSNI have stepped up their harassment of éirígí, using draconian legislation to regularly stop and search our activists."

MacCionnaith concluded: "I have no doubt that yesterday's PSNI briefing was in response to éirígí's consistent opposition to that force's use of oppressive legislation and bully-boy tactics. Despite this, éirígí will continue to highlight the unchanged nature of British policing in Ireland."

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