Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sligo Shopping Centre gives Commitment on Dead Sea Products

The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) North-west have cancelled a planned demonstration that was to take place today (Wednesday Jan 26) outside Johnstons Court shopping centre in Sligo.

The protest had been called as a result of a company 'Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics' trading from a stall in the shopping centre. An impromptu protest was held on Saturday by a number of local IPSC activists who became aware of the stall which was selling Dead Sea Cosmetics product, the sale of which helps fund the Israeli apartheid regime, its brutal occupation of Palestine and its illegal settlements in the West Bank (click here to read news coverage of that protest).

The cancellation of the protest comes as 'Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics' have ceased trading there yesterday (Jan 25). The Management of Johnstons Court also gave a commitment today that this company and their Dead Sea Cosmetics would not be allowed to return and trade in the shopping centre.

Welcoming this commitment local IPSC activist Ciaran Adams urged other shopping centres to follow suit:

Mr Adams said: “The products being sold on these stalls help to fund Israel's war economy and their brutal and illegal military occupation of Palestine. It is also highly likely that these goods come from illegal settlements on Palestinian land, although it is routinely mislabelled as coming from within Israel's borders.”

The IPSC in this region will now be stepping up our campaign in support of the call by Palestinian civil society for a Boycott of all Israeli goods, similar to the campaign that helped bring about an end to apartheid South Africa. We would now urge other shopping centres in the region to give a similar commitment to not allow this company, or similar ones selling Dead Sea products, to trade on their premises.” 

He concluded: “By taking this stand and boycotting Israeli goods, businesses and shopping centres can play a positive role in helping to bring an end to Israeli apartheid and secure the long overdue freedom that the people of Palestine both desire and deserve.”

Also welcoming the news was éirígí Sligeach activist Gerry Casey who urged the public to refuse to buy Israeli products, to complain to the management in stores that stock these goods and to contact the IPSC to let them know where these products are on sale.

Casey said: "This year has started like any other year for the Palestinian people. The Palestinian people continue to endure terrible suffering and brutal repression at the hands of the Israeli regime on a daily basis."

"The illegal occupation of the West Bank, theft of Palestinian land and resources, the continued expansion of illegal settlements and the construction of their apartheid wall continues unabated. Israel continues to kill Palestinian people, kidnap children and jail those who dare resist this brutal occupation. Israel's illegal and inhumane siege of Gaza, a clear violation of international law, also continues."

Referring to the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, Casey continued: "The Boycott campaign is an opportunity for every individual to express their abhorrence at the crimes committed by the Israeli state and to express solidarity and support for the rights of Palestinian people to secure peace, justice and freedom."

"More importantly, it is an opportunity to take practical measures that can have a positive effect, similar to what happened with the South African boycott which helped bring about an end to the apartheid regime in that country. So too all of us can play a role in helping to bring about an end to the apartheid Israeli regime and the occupation of Palestine."

Casey concluded: "Where people become aware of Israeli goods being sold, they should refuse to buy them, complain to management and contact the IPSC to make them aware of where these goods are being sold. While the EU and what passes for government on this island refuse to impose sanctions against Israel, the people of Ireland themselves have the power to make such a boycott effective.”

For more information on the activities of the IPSC and the BDS campaign click here or e-mail

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