Thursday, January 14, 2010

Letterkenny "Boycott Israeli Goods" demo on Saturday

This Saturday (Jan 16) éirígí Tír Chonaill are to hold a public demonstration in Letterkenny to show solidarity with the people of Palestine and calling for a boycott of all Israeli goods.

The protest, which will commence from 1.30pm at Market Square, Main Street, is part of a national day of action organised by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC). All members of the public are encouraged to attend.

Announcing details of the demonstration, éirígí Tír Chonaill spokesperson Micheál Cholm MacGiolla Easbuig said the party were organising it to highlight the continued inhumane and illegal siege of Gaza, to show solidarity with the Palestinian people and to make people aware of the need to boycott Israeli goods.

MacGiolla Easbuig said: “Through a 22- day bombardment of Gaza twelve months ago, the Israeli murder machine slaughtered more than 1400 Palestinians, more than 400 of whom were children.”

He added: “They destroyed the entire social and economic infrastructure of Gaza. They deliberately targeted and destroyed the water and sewage systems, they attacked hospitals and schools and damaged and destroyed tens of thousands of homes."

He continued: “This savage campaign against the civilian population of Gaza did not end with the Israeli ceasefire last January. Israel continues to impose an illegal and inhumane siege of the area, preventing the re-building of essential infrastructure, including homes, causing immense hardship and sickness. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) last year, more than 10% of children in Gaza were suffering from chronic malnutrition. This is as a direct result of Israel's siege and their deliberate policy of preventing adequate supplies of essential medicines and foodstuffs into the area.”

“We are urging the public to attend Saturday's protest and to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people who continue to be denied their freedom and in the case of Gaza suffer horrendous hardship due to Israel's siege. We are also specifically urging retail outlets not to stock Israeli goods of any sort and for the public to refuse to buy them wherever they are on sale.”

He concluded: “The Irish people contributed significantly to the downfall of the apartheid South African regime in the 1980's with their boycott of goods from that country. There is now an equally pressing need for a similar all-out boycott of Israeli business and produce to help bring about an end to the barbaric siege of Gaza and to secure justice and freedom for the Palestinian people. This is something practical that we all can do to assist the Palestinian people and help bring about an end to their nightmare.”

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