Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Plight of Palestine Raised at Dublin rally

Some of the crowd in DublinMore than 100 people, including a dozen éirígí activists, gathered in Dublin city centre last Saturday [November 14] to highlight the nightmare the Palestinian people are living through.

Called by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the demonstration was part of week of events that took place across the country to display solidarity with the Palestinian struggle.

éirígí spokesperson Daithí Mac An Mháistír said it was important that international opinion was brought to bear on the Israeli government and its backers.

“There are many small ways in which people across Ireland can practically support the people of Palestine in their struggle for self-determination and human rights. Firstly, attending demonstration like Saturday’s is an important public display of solidarity. Another, crucial step, is for all of us to boycott Israeli goods.

End the Occupation

“The boycott of South African goods played an important role in the defeat of apartheid. Equally, an effective boycott today could help to defeat zionist apartheid in Palestine.

“People should also write letters to newspapers pointing out the reality of life under Israeli occupation, challenge misinformation, organise public meetings and film showings in their communities and consider fundraising for aid to alleviate the siege of the Gaza Strip.”

Sameh Habeeb on the platform

Mac An Mháistír concluded: “The millions upon millions of people around the world who care about human rights can help the Palestinian people defeat the Israeli occupation – that is why Saturday’s demonstration was so important.”

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