Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Don’t bankroll Israeli terrorism – Boycott Israeli goods

Sligo éirígí activist Gerry Casey has called on Supermarkets in the Sligo area not to stock Israeli goods in their stores. He also has urged the public to refuse to buy such Israeli produce and to complain to management where such goods are for sale.

He was commenting after speaking to and writing to the management of a number of supermarkets in the Sligo area asking them to remove Israeli products which they are currently selling, specifically Jaffa oranges as well as organic potatoes and carrots. While some of the shops in question have now taken the Israeli products off their shelves, a number of other outlets have so far refused to do so.

Casey said: “I discovered in recent weeks that a number of supermarkets in Sligo were selling products of Israeli origin. Among the produce being sold were oranges, potatoes and carrots of Israeli origin, including items being sold under the supermarkets own brand names. I have spoken to and written to the management of the stores in question asking them to cease this practice, which effectively is helping to bankroll Israeli state terrorism and the continued occupation of Palestine. Some of the shops have withdrawn all the Israeli produce from their shelves. However, we are still awaiting a response from the other supermarkets who have so far refused to withdraw these products from their shelves.”

He added: “éirígí is calling publicly on these stores, and all other retailers in the region, to refuse to sell Israeli produce in their stores. éirígí is also urging the general public to be vigilant and to check the country of origin on all the produce they buy. Where they discover Israeli goods being sold, I would urge them to refuse to buy them, to complain to the management of the stores in question and to contact éirígí or the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign to make us aware of what Israeli items are being sold and where they are being sold.”

Casey concluded: “This is an opportunity for people to take practical measures that can make a difference, similar to what happened with the boycott of apartheid-era South African goods. It is an opportunity for people to express their abhorrence at the crimes committed by the Israeli state on the civilian population of Palestine and to show their support for the rights of Palestinian people to secure peace, justice and freedom. Don’t help fund Israeli terrorism. Boycott all Israeli goods.”

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