Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Support for Tesco Workers

Workers picketing the Douglas store éirígí spokesperson Daithí Mac An Mhaistír has extended the socialist republican party’s support to the Cork Tesco workers who took strike action today [Wednesday].

The Douglas-based workers took the action after Tesco refused to honour established terms and conditions when moving staff to a new store in the area.

Daithí said: “Tesco are acting in blatant contravention of an agreement they had with the workers that established terms and conditions would be respected when staff moved to a new store.

“The company is obviously trying to take advantage of the economic crisis to attack the conditions and pay of vulnerable workers. In a disgraceful move, staff were threatened that, if they took strike action, they would be locked out without pay until June. These are clearly bully boy tactics.”

Daithí continued: “The workers in Douglas are to be commended for the stand they have taken. At a time when employers are slashing jobs and undermining rights, it is important to recognise that the situation isn’t a hopeless one.

“Workers in places like Tesco have demonstrated that firm action can put unscrupulous employers under pressure and highlight intolerable situations. The Mandate union must ensure that these workers are given all the support that is necessary.”

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