Saturday, February 21, 2009

éirígí accuses MacSharry of getting his priorities wrong

Sligo éirígí activist Gerry Casey has accused Fianna Fail Senator Marc MacSharry of getting his priorities all wrong. He claimed that McSharry would be better off defending the rights and the living standards of workers currently being scapegoated by his party rather than feigning mock outrage at accusations of Fianna Fail's links to corruption and golden circles.

Casey was responding to a speech made by MacSharry in the Seanad on Thursday night where he expressed outrage over allegations that the Fianna Fail led administration were protecting the 10 Golden Circle Anglo Irish investors.

Casey said: "MacSharry has got his priorities all wrong. The reality is that the current recession and economic crisis is a direct result of the failed policies of MacSharry's party and the greed fuelled actions of their banker, broker and developer friends. Fianna Fail allowed the potential long term benefits of the Celtic Tiger to be pilfered by a small class of already extremely wealthy people."

He added: "Yet now Fianna Fail are forcing the workers who created, but did not benefit from, the wealth of the Celtic Tiger to carry the burden. While the Fianna Fail led administration are offering billions of euro of public money to bail out the banks, they are forcing workers to take pay cuts, while tens of thousands are being forced onto the dole like used commodities. At the same time the identities of the golden circle at Anglo Irish remain protected despite MacSharry's protestations."

He concluded: "MacSharry needs to get his priorities right. Rather than feigning mock outrage at these accusations over the Golden Circle and Fianna Fail's links to them, MacSharry should be demanding that his party stop attacking the rights and living standards of workers who are already suffering hardship as a result of last years savage budget cutbacks. His outrage would be better directed at those within his own party who have allowed through successive administrations the wealth of the Celtic Tiger to be squandered and who have allowed corruption to flourish and go unpunished in recent decades. He should also be demanding that the identities of those who make up the Golden Circle at Anglo Irish be made public."